■ The outline of Japanese branch (Japanese office) establishment-registration
(1) Is registration necessity at what case?

 When a foreign company deals in it continuously in Japan, that foreign company holds an office in the Japanese country, and it must register that office.

 A foreign company has the possibility to take the application of the penal regulations when continuous dealings are done without registering an office in Japan.


(2) The registration matter of a foreign company

 The registration matter of a foreign company is defined not by the its native country law of the foreign company but by the commercial law of Japan. 

 According to the commercial law of Japan, a representative's name, the address, etc. and the items to register for a Japanese corporation when to establish a branch. 

(3) Our service

 Yokohama Bay Side Office (Homepage URL; http://www.fukuma.info) foreign company Japanese branch establishment division supports the Japanese branch establishment registration of the foreign company. 

 And, we make the affidavit (English writing and Japanese) which is necessary for the Japanese branch establishment registration, too.

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