The flow to establishment
 The procedure of Japanese branch (Japanese office) establishment-registration of a foreign company is as follows. This period is three - four weeks by all the completion of procedure.
Item Contents
Order from Order form, please.
2.Required Documents Mailing
Please send required documents to this office. About the contents of required documents, please see the page of Required documents.
3.Resemblance trade name investigation, purpose validity confirmation
We confirm the investigation of the resemblance trade name and the validity of the purpose at regional legal affairs bureau.
4.Representation Mark Production  
You should make a Japanese representative company mark if we tell the result of the investigation of the resemblance trade name to you.
5.Registration Documents Creation
Gyouseishosi Lawyer makes an affidavit, and the judicial scrivener whom we cooperate in makes a registration document.
6.The authentication of the affidavit and sealing to the registration document
A Japanese representative himself takes the authentication of the affidavit at the foreign embassy (consulate). On that occasion, we accompany a Japanese representative, too, and give a Japanese representative an advice about the process which authentication is taken from.
7.An application for the registration
The judicial scrivener whom we cooperate in applies for the registration to regional legal affairs bureau.
8.The completion of the registration
After registration is completed, we acquire a register certified copy, representative mark certificate of seal impression document, seal card, and send it to you.

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